GTD Thoughts

I was excited to get started with this assignment.  I felt organized. I recognized and used many of the programs.  Teachers are great collectors and in the digital world I am one of the best.  Google is my go to for most of my sharing and organizing.  I have Google drive, calendar and Gmail.  My 2nd grade students all have an account and share their work with each other and me.  I use Dropbox and diigo.  What’s not to love about Pinterest!  It is a perfect resource for those of us that are visual learners.  On my iPad I have Evernote, Notability, Dropbox, Google Drive and Snapguide.  Snapguide is Pinterest but with a How to Guide.   Can you feel my excitement for this assignment?

Then reality struck.  I listened to David Allen at TED; I definitely needed to do some reorganization of my organization. The idea of eliminating the clutter in my mind resonated with me.  My husband loves to produce lists and elaborate systems for completing those lists.  I thought that this was just a man thing, I know better now.  First though, I had to download 30/30 app I had read about on twitter.  If I could set a list and time it, maybe it would happen.

Gmail was updated to the new system.                                                                          Combined the materials in Goggle Drive and Dropbox, in an effort to eliminate one.    Explored Springpad but only a little, didn’t want to get pulled into using yet another “organization” tool.

As I finished I reminded myself that this activity will lead to stress –free productivity, a goal that sounds oh so good and maybe a little more attainable after this week.


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