Into the night…

I haven’t mentioned that we shipped our piano to our son a number of years ago.  He is actually the pianist in the family and had decided to give lesson in search of additional income.  Without a piano I have been heading back to school at odd hours of the night to practice.  I go at night because I really don’t want to explain nor am I ready to perform for anyone.  Hector the night custodian nods and smiles when he sees me.  He is way to polite to ask what I am doing and as time has gone on I see less and less of him.  He has probably learned my routine and works far away the music room when he knows I might be nearby.  I only wish that I could provide him with some beautiful music as he works.  I am sure that he has learned to run the vacuum or wear ear buds when he thinks I’m around.

After a few lessons, the instructor asked us to purchase a book.  Since we can’t spend money on this assignment, I have taken screen shots of the songs from the book, as she graciously showed the songs we were to practice.  I’m not sure how long I can continue the assignment without investing in a book.  This week to supersede the problem I looked for a new instructor.  After an extensive search I may have found several.  One instructor is demonstrating finger exercises. Definitely something I need to practice more.  Another is helping me stay motivated.

As I continue to work on this task though, I recognize that the internet has provided me with only part of the tools I need to learn.  My next step is a Skype session with my son, the piano teacher.   The collaboration, assessment and  the feedback that I need to learn has been missing.   It’s time  for some face-to-face lessons. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to find out what my new instructor thinks of my playing.


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