This week’s project for CEP-810 is Cooking with TPACK.  I decided that since I was still in school I would have my class assist me in creating the video.  They love technology and I am taking this course because I want to improve my use of technology in the classroom, it seemed like a win win situation.  I chose one student to select my tools, from the kitchen in the teacher’s lounge.   The four menu items were positioned under four boxes in our room.  Number two the whipping cream wasn’t something I had in my kitchen at home so it was my mulligan.

The video we created is in iMovie.  There were times I had to stop it for logistical reasons or to control the crowd’s enthusiasm, so for ease of viewing I used iMovie.  I apologize for never calling the pot a pot.  But the lesson learned by all was that you can repurpose any tool in a playful way and complete a task.  You can slice cheese with a bowl

After watching the video and thinking back on the student’s reactions and comments, it affirmed for me that the students are always imagining and repurposing.  It really doesn’t matter how you go about the task or how you use the technology.  According to the framework of TPACK it is the overlap of pedagogy, technology and content that teachers need to embrace.  Then we can all learn.

Enjoy our final class video!


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