I love music!  It makes the world such a beautiful and happy place.  It doesn’t matter if you hum, sing, play an instrument, or just listen it generates positive energy.  A little over a month ago I made a decision to try and start a goal, learning to play the piano.   I have not gone far but I have started and that is a good thing.

Google, google and google again, today everyone is constantly researching something.  The average hits per day in 2012 for Google were 5,134,000,000.  We often get lost in our searches and forget what our original search was.   You know what I’m talking about, you are looking for a recipe for sweet potatoe fries you start out the search with sweet potatoe, you go to sweet potato recipes, follow a picture to a cooking blog and the blog links you to health, because the sweet potato is on the healthiest foods you can eat.  Before you know it, you are reading the latest on Obama’s health care plan.  Sometimes we get so lost in the research that we can never get started on our project.  I’ll just do some quick research and an hour later, you are still researching.  The Internet can definitely work as a rival.

What does this mean for my video challenge?  One thing for sure I did way too much research and listening and not enough practicing.  I need to discipline myself and use the advice I readily give out, balance on screen time with off.  Use the computer/iPad to move me forward not to distract.  Finally, learn once and for all that I really can’t multi-task; watching and playing the piano at the same time doesn’t work.


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June 18, 2013 Statistic Brain Research Institute, publishing as Statistic Brain.


Enjoy the video!



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